March 24, 2016

Spring in White and Lavender

I know, I know....... I have been blog absentia for quite a while. So I'll just jump back in and show you the beautiful white and lavender color scheme of the early spring show out front. If you live in Oklahoma, it is well worth a drive by....

About half of the 800 bulbs that I planted were a GORGEOUS white, the first wave being White Cubed from beautiful and fresh and pure.....especially with the delicacy and softness of 'Emerald" creeping phlox,  my beloved golden feverfew, and sweet faced pansies and violas in soft yellow and shades of lavender, both dark and light.

I am not typically one who has a lot of statuary in my garden, but I fell for this perfectly darling Easter bunny,

at Lowe's! (for just $20) just in time for Easter, and a comely addition... next to the

Red Ruby cabbages planted for their beautiful form, and foliage and seasonal message. 

I love the way the phlox spills and runs down the sloping bed, eventually stopping at the brick and stone border.

(Note the stone 'steps' that run through the flower bed to allow access for tending and a shortcut to the foreground.)

This early white show will be a permanent feature of my spring garden from now on...I am SO fond of its innocent sophistication.

Quantity is the hundreds if you have the space.

Note the few pink tulips about to start, the beginning of a palette change that should crest at Easter...

and in time (and hopefully intact) for a SOUTHERN LIVING shoot on Tuesday.  The wind this March has been horrific...and the tulips hate it....but they seem to be holding on...  

The cabbages have been getting a regular powdering of DIPEL dust ((Bacillus Thuringiensisto keep worms at bay and the massive leaves hole free and ready for their close up.

I can't rave enough about the NEXGEN artificial turf I installed last September. It has freed up SO MUCH TIME, time now used for far more pleasing gardening activities. Go here...ARTIFICIAL TUR INSTALLATION to read my detailed post about the nitty-gritty of it all.

(White tulips, back lit by the setting sun are a thing to behold...and not easily captured by a camera...)

Long lasting hellebore blooms echo the white shades.

Azaleas are waiting for the pink and sorbet tulips to echo their rosy tones.

As am I.  


  1. Your garden is just to die for! I love the feverfew springy green with the white tulips and purple pansies. I am so inspired! Your artificial grass looks great too!
    I may have to drive by to see your garden in person before the tulips are gone! Yes the wind has been relentless! Happy Spring!

  2. Absolutely breathtaking! What a fantastic color palate! Thanks for sharing - and yes, we've missed you!

    1. Vickie, I am going to try to be more disciplined about blogging. Wrecked my back recently, so it is hard to sit at the upcoming posts will be short and sweet!

  3. Linda--I would love to drive by but I am from Tulsa and don't know where you live. I will be in OKC in a couple of weeks. Is there some way of finding you?

  4. Oooo, so pretty! I have the space but not the $$$. ;-) I'm working on that, though. Thanks for sharing: We've just survived a wicked ice storm. Most of the plants look OK, except for a few Crocuses and other plants that were in full bloom. :(

    1. I so feel your pain. Storms can wreck a garden in a heartbeat! I do most of the work, so that keep costs down, but gardening can be $$$ when you are obsessed like we are!


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