Debris Baskets for the Garden


In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd write a short post about this case, handsome, inexpensive baskets I found at Michaels this week. I bought a number of them to set in various places in the garden....handy for capturing garden debris en place as flowers are deadheaded and weeds are pulled.

They have a gray/white-washed look that reminds me of French laundry baskets...and they actually add a nice textural detail to the garden beds.

In the past I have used rubber garden trugs (here), but after much wear and tear they gave out and I needed a replacement catch-all that was equally as good-looking when left about.

They are that, and also lightweight and shallow enough for easy tossing when on your hands and knees.

They will probably only last a season or two, but that suits me fine as they are biodegradable and look even better after getting broken in. I think they are rather charming, don't you?

And attractively at-the-ready for tulip tossing when the blooms are spent...

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