Garden Trugs and Flexibility

Not all that long ago, I was able to put both of my legs behind my head and then hop on my hands and rear end across the floor.  (Yes, you heard right.) Strange I know, but as close family and friends will attest, true.  Sadly, a torn disk in my back (not I might add, as a result of this contortion) rendered such gymnastics unwise, and I have not attempted it since.  (The legs may be willing, but the spine protests...)  Needless to say, I was flexible in body, if not in habit or temperament.

Still, flexibility is a character trait I admire, both in humans and in garden accoutrement.  So, dear Readers, I give you my favorite garden tool of 2011, the humble but handsome, rubber garden trug.  (I got mine at Walmart for a mere $5.00 each, but I have seen them other places, at both high and low-end locations).  Note the easy manner with which this hand model (okay, me) demonstrates how it can be flexibly compressed to pour out water or other liquid muck that might collect at the bottom.

It even has gallon-gauge measuring indicators on the inside in case you want to whip up a batch of fertilizer or manure tea.

Truth be told, I bought six of them and have them scattered about throughout the landscape to hold any garden debris  I might collect as I walk through the garden.  I chose this subtle shade of sage green for all of them, but you might like one of the other colors; I seem to remember red and blue and turquoise. Oh, and they are very lightweight too.  Great for soaking bare root roses before planting, or (of course I'm just guessing here), icing down  beer or you favorite canned beverage. 

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