Five Garden Inspired Wedding Gift Ideas

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Young lovers hold hands in a field of grasses.
Ah...Love is in the air
Cupid has been working overtime in my family and social circles of late, and the result has been a flurry of weddings, receptions, save-the-dates and, of course, wedding gifts. Since I see everything in life, including wedding gifts, through a gardening lens, I thought I would share 5 Garden Inspired Wedding Gift Ideas for gardeners like myself who want to give something personal, something memorable, and something designed to celebrate gardening and the great outdoors.

White ceramic bowl stuffed with hydrangeas and roses sits amid crystal and silver.
Gorgeous hydrangea and roses take center stage on a rehearsal dinner table in the garden of a friend.

(This was also the topic of last Friday's 4 YOUR GARDEN (HERE) segment. Watch it and past segments here). Here's a rundown on some gifts I have given in the past...and no doubt will give in the future. As long as romance is alive, so to speak. 

Picnic basket with all the necessities: plates, flatware, wineglasses...

1.  A Beautiful Picnic Basket

Rustic or refined, vintage or new...a picnic basket for two or more, is a wonderful and unexpected gift that goes beyond the wedding registry at the mall.  Like this one tricked out to the max, from Pottery Barn here, or this great variety of picnic ensembles at Picnic World (here). Flea markets and antique shops are great places to source old-fashioned and retro versions that you can personalize and stock yourself. Romantic? I think so.

Galvanized metal lantern with battery operated candle inside, accompanied by pink Mandeville vine.
Galvanized metal lantern hangs next to the doorway and hot pink Mandevilla vine.

2.  Outdoor Lanterns

One can find good looking and good quality lanterns almost anywhere and at any price point these days, from TARGET (HERE) to TERRAIN (HERE). An added bonus is that many retailers put their outdoor decor items on sale at the end of the summer. Pair a couple of lanterns with battery operated candles, found in many sizes and styles at

Wooden lantern on wood post stands above garden flowers and foliage.
This special outdoor lantern sits atop a post amidst flowers and foliage in the garden.
 AMAZON (HERE). Guaranteed to continue flickering even in strong Oklahoma wind.

Leather bound ten year journal from Lee's Valley makes a great wedding gift.

3.  A beautiful leather Garden Journal

I have given this beautiful ten year leather bound journal from LEE'S VALLEY (HERE) as both a wedding gift and house warming present many times. Tuck some of your favorite flower and veggie seeds into the gift box to personalize it further. Give it to them just in time to record the first 100 degree temps of the summer...

Wood raised bed planters fit right in with furniture and guests on the slate patio.
Two Raised Bed Planters grow herbs on the patio.

4.  A Raised Garden Bed Kit

Newlyweds may have neither the time, inclination or space to put in ambitious, in-ground garden beds, but still like the idea of eating and cooking with garden fresh herbs and veggies. The perfect solution, and a perfect wedding gift, would be a raised bed garden kit. Options abound, from Home Depot and Lowe's to on-line sources like WAYFAIR (HERE). Have this wedding gift shipped directly to the nuptial couple...just make sure they are not apartment dwellers... and if they are...

Farm fresh produce from your CSA.
5.  A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership

that will provide garden fresh produce without their even getting their hands dirty.  In OKC consider GUILFORD GARDENS & KAM'S KOOKERYor LOCAL HARVEST (HERE). If the couple doesn't have time to cook, but love the indulgence of fresh flowers in their home year round, why not get them an annual subscription to a service like BOUQS (HERE) or a local grower from your Farmers' Market. Options that are cut flower beautiful, but with a garden bouquet aura.

Bouquet of sweet peas, artemisia, and wildflowers.
Fresh Cut flowers from the garden, destined for the vase. Very romantic, and I think, very wedding appropriate.
Bride and photographer make magic with sister and mom looking on.
One of several wedding photos taken  in my back garden.

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