Propagating Hydrangeas from Rooted Cuttings

It's been a while since I have had mophead hydrangeas of this color intensity, quantity and quality. Not for at least three years as far as I can remember. Very early and very late freezes literally nipped them in the bud, since the stand (pictured above and below) in my back garden blooms on old wood, making it susceptible to such things.

And while others I have planted bloom on new wood.....and are therefore not as sensitive to such frigid indignity....

 they just don't compare to these old-fashioned buxom beauties.

I have my fingers crossed that all of the luscious buds on them THIS spring (not having been weather nipped) will come to fruition in all of their glory.The area in which they grow has become far shadier since their last grand performance.... I will be thinning the redbud canopy over their heads to get more light through....and hopefully ensure the deep color saturation I enjoyed in past seasons.

Blue, purple, pink, white....I could literally cut bucketfuls in almost any hue. Ah....such wealth.

If you would like to experience such riches, watch the 4 YOUR GARDEN segment below that LC and I did last Friday... and learn how to propagate and root hydrangea cuttings...because more hydrangeas is ALWAYS better than less. If you don't see the video player below, go here. (and, ahem, enjoy a little taste of studio frivolity as well...)

 My best photo bomb ever!
So very subtle.@potagerblog Linda Vater and @lancewest
— Linda Cavanaugh (@linda4news) May 6, 2016

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