Using Yellow/Chartreuse/Gold Foliage in the Garden

Last Friday I did a 4 YOUR GARDEN segment (go here if you don't see the video below) on one of my favorite garden practices: using yellow/gold/chartreuse foliage in the garden to illuminate dark spaces, brighten up the monotony of too much green, and enhance the beauty of just about anything you plant with it.

 Some of my favorites:

my beloved golden feverfew (buy some here from SEEDAHOLIC),

an emerging 'Sum and Substance' hosta as backdrop to heuchera buds,

the common, but ever so useful 'Emerald and Gold' variegated euonymous...

this sweet Golden Creeping Speedwell...

Golden Vicary Privet, planted near a drift rose above, and contrasting strikingly in front of my dark stained fence in back.

I love the boxwood shaped leaf and brilliance of gold berberis,

and the delicate foliage of Limemound Spirea

as does this cardinal apparently. Other favorites?

Gold-leaved Bleeding Heart

Strappy in yellow, spiderwort

Simple and elegant yellow variegated ivy,

Weigela florida 'Jean's Gold' (find it here)

Variegated abelia.....there are a number of varieties available now...

Lavender violas peaking through privet....

Golden oregano 'Aureum' makes a wonderful, bold ground cover.

Gold Dust Plant.....Aucuba Japonica under my window box has gotten HUGE!

Common, but useful yellow variegated liriope

All together creating a lovely, vibrant tableau.

Today's Takeaway Tip: Next time you're at the garden center, pick up something in yellow to brighten up a dark corner, or make a container pop.  Try it with purple hues.....a combo you can't beat...and my very favorite in the garden.

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