Transform Plastic into Sandstone

This is an oldie but goodie Martha Stewart project, go here for her directions on how to transform dollar store plastic pots and garden ornament into elegant looking sandstone. Or you can watch LC and me doing our own version on the 4 YOUR GARDEN EPISODE below. (Don't see the video player?  Go here.

If you pay close attention, you will see two rather pitiful NewsChannel4 Lindas.  Watch as LC and I try to take apart the two halves of the planter......I had just thrown my back out and LC had a fresh broken ankle.  Neither one of us could lean forward to put any muscle into separating the stupid thing. Bad backs and broken ankles being yet more reasons to have lightweight planters in your garden.

Why not give it a go on this fabulously beautiful weekend?

Today's Takeaway Tip: Turn dollar store pots into something lightweight and sophisticated using nothing more than a little paint, glue and sand.

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