Mindfulness, 10% Happier and Hosta/Heuchera Pairing

If you are among those who walk by my house , you will QUITE often see me rapt with attention at something going on in the front garden. Entranced by an emerging bulb...enamored of a fresh bloom, captivated by the magical world of growing things. It is as close to being 'in the zone' as I ever get...

this foraging for small wonders in the garden. I can, and often do, wander about for hours, just looking and planning and acknowledging the beauty that surrounds me...us. Recently, I was making a late morning round and noticed the beautiful, unblemished leaves of a golden leaved hosta...

playing host to some of the most exquisite shadows. The husky profile of an ajuga leaf...

the intricate outline of coral bell blooms, and the way their shadows moved and swayed with the breeze...so grateful that their beauty captured my attention; so grateful that I had the time to notice them...and be mindful of them in the moment.

Like many others, I am fascinated by this whole Mindfulness phenomenon. The practice of living in the moment; being saturated in the moment; recognizing the transience of the moment...the 'we only have NOW' moment and the link this presentism has to happiness.

While listening to an NPR (I think) podcast, I happened upon an interview with an ABC reporter who had delved into the mindfulness topic with intense interest, curiosity and and journalistic objectivity. He recorded his experiences and research in the book 10% Happier (here). (I highly recommend listening to it vs. reading it. Husband and I both enjoyed hearing it together.) It really has helped me be more focused, more observant...more mindful of the world around me. (Though I did find it ironic that while listening to it in my car I missed my turn.)

These luscious shadows reminded me of what an exceptional couple these two plants make. Their colors, textures and growing habitat are all simpatico, making for a very happy marriage.  

This year I added Fire Alarm Heuchera (here), whose flame colored foliage contrasts well with any color of hosta (though I think pairing coral bells with yellow and blue leaved hosta is especially striking). Look below and note how different the color is between 'Fire Alarm" and 'Purple Palace' heuchera.

Heuchera 'Georgia Peach' plays well with others too.

SO many to try....

and be mindful of.

Today's Takeaway Tip:  Try the plant marriage of heuchera and hosta for three season beauty.

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