Metrics of Spring

In looking back over the last six weeks, I realize

it took 800 tulips from COLORBLENDS,

about 14 flats of pansies and violas,

roughly 15 linear feet of 'Emerald Blue' creeping phlox,

5 old and established azaleas, one large and finally established to make it through the winter, lorapetalum,

8 or so 'Red Ruby' cabbages,

Lord only knows how many tufts of golden feverfew,

 one stone Easter bunny and two 4 ft. tall myrtle topiaries fresh-out-of-the- greenhouse storage for the beds, 

and many more smaller ones to march along the brick wall...

one severe case of steroids required! back strain,

to create this montage of 

and...more importantly... a fitting backdrop,

 for our Heinz-57 grand-dog, 


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