English Gardening in Oklahoma; Foxglove

I've said it more times than I can count...I have an English Garden because I have an English Tudor house...and (in my mind anyhow), the garden should ALWAYS be an extension of the architecture and style of the house. Harmony is what I'm going for. 

But, and here lies the rub....I am not, nor is my garden.....in England's gentle climate. So as I was strolling the gardens to bid them good morning, I found myself wondering....

with all of the dire forecasts for tomorrow...with threat of golf-ball sized hail, 90 mph winds and tornadoes (oh, and a 4.0 earthquake near Harrah this morning)...

if I was also saying 'good-bye'? 

 (And I am not being overly dramatic here, having experienced much weather-related gardening heartache over the years.)

I could almost hear the foxglove anxiously talking with the fern......before conferring with the columbine and the primrose...about their safe spot, and where and when to take shelter. Sadly, I can't do much to protect them; it is hard to tarp an entire garden.

Friends of mine have been buzzing about the storm ahead on social media: soliciting ideas for protecting our garden loved ones; invoking prayer and good weather wishes from others and, in general, commiserating in our concern over our gardens and homes and families. Wishing with all our might, that this might be yet another time that our tv forecasters have missed the mark, have gotten it wrong. One can hope, can't one?

In the event my foxglove (among other garden beauties) is decimated tonight and I have to start over, I can find over 28 varieties here at SWALLOWTAIL GARDEN SEEDS. Watch for tips on growing this finicky cottage garden bloomer in to an upcoming post.  

While I never met a foxglove I didn't like, I prefer the tall stately varieties like digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior' (here).

 Today's Takeaway Tip:  Do what you can to protect your garden: bring in or find shelter for potted specimens, secure garden furniture and umbrellas, try to maintain a sense of perspective.....and humor. (Not Easy)  Find something to look forward to: try growing foxglove from seed if you love it as much as I do.

 For more information on English Garden Style and Cottage Gardens, watch this recent 4 YOUR GARDEN SEGMENT below. Don't see the video player? Go here.

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