Magnificent Wrought Iron Rose Trellis

A climbing rose is only as beautiful as the support upon which it climbs.

In my humble opinion anyway.

And this remarkable wrought iron trellis at a home down the street doesn't disappoint. My friend Sunshine and her husband Mr. S have exquisite taste,

and with just a smidgeon of input from me, they designed and had built (by OLD WORLD IRON (here)this stately wrought iron trellis upon which four glorious apricot-colored roses grow.

It covers the west facing facade of their garage, also facing the pool (a topic for another time...) and accomplishing two garden design musts: creating beauty that is suitable to the style of the garden, and...

covering and breaking up an otherwise less-than-spectacular feature, the side of their garage.

It was designed as a grid of 26" squares with a central circle and diagonal lines radiating from the circle to all four corners. This design referenced architectural features of the house and is extremely handsome....with or without the roses...rendering it a marvelous feature in the winter (when canes are devoid of foliage and flowers) as well.

In total, the trellis measures an impressive 156" wide by about 76" tall...the scale of the trellis determined by the amount of space we wanted to cover on the wall.

They selected the rose to enhance and coordinate with their blonde brick home...a color that also pairs magnificently with the color of the pool....not coincidentally the same color of the Oklahoma summer sky...

an intense blue that can break your heart and ALMOST make up for the heat of our torrid summers.

Sadly, we have both forgotten the name of this apricot rose, a vigorous, tough variety that performs in a stellar fashion. It took four of them to cover the expanse...

four roses that the owners keep fastidiously pruned, both for beauty and health of the canes. (Again, a topic for another post!)

For a huge selection of brilliant and beautiful climbing roses, look no further than DAVID AUSTEN ROSES (here).  I am especially fond of EDEN (pink) , GRAHAM THOMAS (yellow), and CONSTANCE SPRY (pink)...all of which I grow in my own garden.

If this post has not sated your rose appetite, do visit the rose post on the blog PATINA FARM, an absolutely swoon worthy blog that will both inspire and depress the best way :)

 Today's Takeaway Tip: It need not be grand, but a beautiful climbing rose deserves an equally handsome support.  Whether rustic or contemporary; custom or hand made; wood, metal or a trellis that matches your style of gardening, your home's architecture, and the needs of your rose. And fragrance is always a plus in selecting your climber.

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