Valentine's Day Gifts for Gardeners

Unbelievably,  January 2016 is in the record books, and Valentine's Day is on the horizon. Time to get your Cupid on and start thinking about ways to show your love to family and friends. For the past several years, I have hosted a Valentine's Cocktail Party for a number of my good friends and as a result, have come to enjoy a holiday that in the past I was not so enamored of.

My good friends Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine...quite romantic.

A few years back my friend Color Girl introduced me to the idea of 'framing' my guests for photos... as a happy reminder for them and me of whatever occasions warranted it. I think I'll resurrect the idea for my Valentine gathering this year. How to? Have a hobby store or framer cut poster board in your color of choice as they would a framing mat with a 3 or 4" mat edge and an open center. Use large sizes to frame 4; smaller sizes to frame 2. 

As much as I ADORE fresh flowers like those pretty in pink above, it's always nice to receive a more enduring jewelry (hint, hint...)  I am really admiring this Hydrangea Petal Cuff Bracelet (here) from TERRAIN (the whole collection is quite lovely) or even better, the Ginko Jewel Cuff (here).

Or why not get a Valentine gift built for two, and splurge on a delightful metal bistro set (color coordinated with your garden of course) and a nice bottle of Champagne for the two of you? 

Options abound on-line and in stores, but try Wayfair (here) for some options and inspiration.

Valentine's Day, thank heavens, is no longer just about romance (or lack of) in your life. Good friends can share their love for one another in the gift department as well. For some ideas watch LC and me on our most recent KFOR 4 YOUR GARDEN segment. (If it doesn't show below, go here for the link).

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