February 3, 2016

Pink Muhly Grass : Muhlenbergia capillaris Regal Mist

I have to keep the number of plants on my want list to a minimum these days. I have simply run out of real estate to plant many more, especially specimens like this cotton candy of a plant Pink Muly Grass 'Regal Mist' (buy it here).

Doesn't it look SPECTACULAR in contrast to these large leaved cannas?

It's one main drawback for me, however, is that it looks so much more dynamic, vibrant and ethereal when planted in large swoops of pink fluff...(large swoops of empty garden space being in VERY short supply here.) In addition, I think the overall effect of the entirety of the composition requires rather large swoops of its planting COMPANIONS as well. 

I don't know that I would have thought to pair it with Limelight Hydrangeas (here), but the marriage of the two is quite stunning...both en masse, of course.


Notice how the light and time of day affect the color, tone and vibrancy of the picture. Sometimes looking hot pink, then lavender, then rusty rose.

Oh, and wouldn't a sprinkling or two of lipstick pink Salvia gregii, like Cold Hardy Pink Texas Sage (here) or Penstemon Hot Pink Riding Hood (here) be a delight?  It would and is.

SURELY, I can figure out a way to incorporate it into my fall border (below), even if not in large swoops... (small swoops, perhaps?). I mean, the color is just PERFECT in a perfectly pink way.

"So lovely", thinks the girl in pink.


  1. I do agree! We planted two lonely Pink Muhlys a few years ago and they look just that...lonely. They really do need to be in large swaths (sorry about your lack of real estate...same problem for me!) One house near us has their entire front slope, facing south and hot and sunny all day, planted and in the fall it is, well, spectacular!

  2. We have a long swath of these bordering the front porch of our house. They provide a beautiful contrast against our plain cream brick home, provide a medium tall but thick barrier (so my kids don't try to walk through the bed to get to the porch), and are so striking to see out our large picture window. I love them!!


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