Gulag Star Kale, Sweet Scarlet Dwarf Tomatoes and Roman Chamomile

I DO love admire in the garden, and consume at the table. I admit that until the kale craze of the past couple of years, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Now, if I do nothing more than (a) plant it with pansies, violas, or my kale companion plant for this spring...Wonderland Deep Purple or Deep Rose Alyssum from Swallowtail Gardens , OR 

(b) use it only in Tuscan Kale Salad...

it would be worth the effort. This spring I am going to try a kale seed blend that I learned about on Margaret Roach's podcast AWAY TO GARDEN (listen to the episode here)....GULAG STARS KALE.  Fluffy, frilly and fun....fabulous for my potager me-thinks.


Another recommendation from the same podcast was for Sweet Scarlet Dwarf Tomatoes (from Victory Seeds), a rather petite, compact tomato plant that will be more suited to my small space gardening.

If you've followed this blog for long, you know my deep affection and history with chamomile... German Chamomile to be specific.  This year I will finally order the lower growing version,  Roman Chamomile from Park Seed. mat and grow in-between flagstones and in pots. I adore the way the scent permeates the air as the sun warms the dainty flowers and delicate foliage.

And with the prospect of fragrant buttery chamomile on a gentle breeze this spring, I will leave you to your own seed/soul searching.

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