Tips on Photographing Your Garden: 4 YOUR GARDEN

I don't in any way shape or form claim to be an excellent, much less professional, photographer. I shudder at the quality of some of the images I've taken and then posted on this blog. But that's the point of doing something you're not great at, isn't it? To get better, to learn something new, to produce a poor result... so that you have a benchmark for improvement?  I am not great at taking pictures but I am certainly better than before  (my mantra for January). I am also trying in this new year to be willing (to put it bluntly)... to suck at something NOW so that I can learn a new skill for the future.  

If you want to hone your garden shutterbug skills, watch LC and me on Friday's 4 YOUR GARDEN discuss reasons that might motivate you. In my next post : 5 TIPS YOU CAN USE NOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PICTURE TAKING IN THE GARDEN.

...and yes, I do know it should have been between the bride and ME, not I.  :) Live tv you know...

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