Pumpkins, Gourds, 1955 Chevy Truck

God knows, life is messy. Full of scary, intimidating, sorrowful, frustrating, maddening things.

So why not create some moments to try and forget all that?  Pick a glorious Oklahoma Autumn weekend.

Get out your vintage 1955 Chevy truck, painted and buffed to perfection in a cheery tomato red.

 Head to your nearest Farmer's Market or Pumpkin Patch.

Carefully select the lucky few...or lucky many...

autumnal offerings to take home with you.

Roll down the window on the drive home. Nod appreciatively to those who give you
a thumb's up and a big smile in acknowledgment of your pumpkin-hauling cute truck...

and appreciate the notion that your efforts were able to put a smile on a face, and maybe inject  a colorful moment into what could be someone's gray day.

On the way home, have your cute wife call to give the neighbors a heads up that they may need some
help unloading a few things.

Ask the neighbor to bring her camera and get a few shots (neighbor did not obey and took many shotsof the cute truck, cute pumpkins, cute wife, and oh....cute puppy for a cute family photo.

(The sun was warm and slanted and a bit harsh, but the neighbor took some cute pics of the cute family with the cute neighbor's son unloading cute pumpkins.)

 Note how appropriate the cute old truck looks parked in front of the cute old 1930's bungalows.

With much laughter and puppy revelry, unload the pumpkins and mums and ready them
for placement.

 And THAT, quite simply (okay, not simple at all, but ever so beautifully crafted and staged)...

is how (along with a few cold beers of course) to spend a perfectly cute fall afternoon.  


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