Beaver's Bend

Sunrise over Broken Bow Lake at Beaver's Bend State Park

Years ago,  in a high school sociology course, I remember the instructor saying that we are all a product of our own individual sets of experiences, backgrounds, culture and genetic heritage.

Such an obvious, simple  concept.....yet one I have thought of over and over and over again as the horror of the latest ISIS attacks plays non-stop on the news channels. 

Good god, I now think.....WHAT set of experiences creates such a large collective of people committed to such extreme nihilism, brutality, hatred, destruction...and HOW are they able to  draw so many others into this darkness?

In my Westernized, sheltered naivety, it is impossible for me fathom, to understand, to absorb. But neither can my brilliant son, who has lived in India for years, who works and lives with people from all over the world...of all ethnicities, religions, social and economic strata....

...who reads, and writes, and reads some deconstruct language, literature, life, longing...and then reflect it back to us in word and metaphor.

On a recent family trip to BEAVER'S BEND STATE PARK, in between hot dogs and apples, fishing and campfires, we talk of HIS experiences, his insights, his cultural history...

his, and our, great fortune, to live where we do and be who we are...

The Mountain Fork River

in the moment, immersed in beauty... 

if not understanding.  But certain in the knowledge,

that the trying is important.

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