Halloween Brambles from the Garden

This summer I attended a Let's Get Twiggy workshop at Will Roger's Arboretum (read about it here SUMMER WREATH MAKING) where we made wreaths and other branch-y confections. A nice inventory of branches, twigs, and tree trimmings were available for our use. I went home with two LARGE dead branches harvested from a large crepe myrtle that had succumbed to our harsh winter.

As soon as I saw them, dark and spooky images came to mind, and I thought

.... how wonderfully sinister they would look painted black and adorned with stuffed crows and spider webbing.  As LC says in the above video, very Hitchcock-ish. 
Don't see the video on your device? Go here

I propped them up on either side of my light post...but they would look equally as menacing framing a doorway, woven through fencing, or just mingled amidst garden plantings and surrounded by fearful gourds and scary pumpkins. (Spray painting plastic jack-o-lanterns in silver is a nice touch...)

One must not forget a furry spider, or two....leaves blown and tangled along with some dripping Spanish moss adds to the eery effect, don't you think?

 More frightful embellishments may, or may not be added as Halloween approaches.  Who's to say?

(I do love the way the pumpkins are framed by the black wreath....)

Drive by if you dare.

Blackened branches and leaves can also be brought in, of course, in a more diminutive manner.

To make a centerpiece for Halloween,  go to this p o t a g e r post (here), or for other ideas visit my Pinterest page here.

Another thing to love about this decor? Just toss the branches into the trash or compost bin when the
when the goblins go home. No need to store or stash. Gotta love that.

COMING UP THIS WEEK:  One of the most dramatic changes I've made to my garden landscape since its inception 25 years ago. I will also be talking about it in an upcoming 4 YOUR GARDEN segment. Stay tuned.

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