5 Fall Nesting Essentials: Project Cozy

g a s p.....

That would be the collective audible of most of us gardeners as we slog through these last parched, iron-hot days of summer and start to sense a stirring in the air...

of the first signs of fall... heaven-sent cooler mornings, shorter days...and gentle,  golden light.

The garden still beckons of course...even screams...but thoughts begin to turn indoors. To a season when we will once again deign to heat up our kitchens by turning on the oven... dare to imagine a future without daily watering, and look to our homes as a shelter of comforting heat and warmth... not a blessed escape from it.

 Yes, fall is in the air and it is time to start feathering our nests in preparation. Cozy it up as best we can...preemptive measures against the coming cold...and a comfy, cozy reward for making it through another trying growing season.

I consider this my personal PROJECT COZY: (in no particular order) a compilation of my 

5 Fall Nesting Essentials

1.  Firewood for indoors & out

A fireplace without a fire on a cold and dreary day is a decidedly unfriendly thing I think, don't you? Before the air even thinks of turning crisp, I lay up a supply of firewood by both indoor and outdoor hearths. If I am in a position to be AT ALL particular, I much prefer fragrant piñon for the tiny fireplace outside. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, is as evocative, comforting and as seasonally significant to me as the scent of a piñon (much beloved by those of us in the SW) fire. On any given fall weekend in my neighborhood, it is not uncommon to take a stroll reveling in the scent of someone's piñon fire. Known to cause autumnal swooning.

2.  Beverage of choice

Depending on the time of day, of course, an appropriate beverage is crucial to achieving a maximum cozy vibe. A nice glass of wine while cooking dinner....fire in the kitchen fireplace...something hot and delicious on the stove...George Winston piano music playing on the stereo....

perhaps a cup of tea after dinner, while lost in the pages of....

3.  A Good Book

MANY good books actually. I save up book titles all summer long in anticipation of luxuriant hours of reading. Hours previously spent in the summer working in the garden, or writing about the garden, or talking about the garden. I am definitively NOT a lay on the beach reader. I AM a decidedly sit in a comfy chair in front of the fire with a cup of tea reader, preferably with a

4. Soft and Decadent Throw

in my lap... of cashmere please. Any one from the P A R A C H U T E Collection would work nicely. Understated and toasty sheer indulgence. (Then again, if I am reading in bed, some of their Italian-made luxury bedding would be LOVELY...) With all of my senses heightened in autumn... the feel of cashmere and soft cotton is the ultimate in cuddly, nestling comfort.

 5.  A Hot from the Oven Baked Treat

Even if I bake it myself. (Come to think of it, my Kitchenaid
Mixer is also pretty essential in the fall.) Because a good cup of tea will SING when accompanied by a freshly baked Chocolate-Orange Cardomon Cookie (recipe here)...

or even a good graham cracker for that matter. :)

And you?  What are your Fall Nesting Essentials?

Tomorrow:  More nice, if not essential, elements of a cozy fall.

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