Summer Cuts

Like a child spitting out watermelon seeds, Mother Nature is spitting out late summer blossoms. A daisy over here; a zinnia over there. She is stingy and tired and peckish in August, Blossoms don't grow in bunches, but in one's and two's...and we are thankful for those.

Still, she is intent on performing...mustering the fortitude to produce a few blooms, Blooms we flower-starved Okies pounce upon greedily...hungrily...desperately, in August.

Mother Nature begins to cry uncle at around 95 degrees, saving her energy to survive....not show off. Forgoing blooms today to endure till tomorrow.

The blossoms themselves are begging to be cut, adopted out to a loving guardian who will rescue them from the brutal and intolerable environment of blazing heat and scorching sun. Thirsting for a better home, even if temporary, where they will be loved, appreciated...fussed over.

We feel no guilt in snatching these lovelies from their garden home. In the spring, we hesitate to cut them...removing them from the gentle garden setting to which they contribute their color and beauty. In these dog days, we feel no such compunction or guilt. They will expire too quickly in such extremes to lend much to the display...besides, we gardeners are loathe be out in it ourselves to admire their fragrance and loveliness. 

Better to bring them inside, close by, fresh and scented and sweet... for a short while.

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