Summer Crumbles into Fall

I make no secret of my distaste for mid-late summer.  I am always happy to bid farewell to the extremes of an Oklahoma July and August...I readily admit to being a sissy Sooner in this regard. But I DO lament the passage of seasonal summer fruits and vegetables, especially peaches and blackberries and blueberries....

fruit which when at its best, is SUBLIME, and when pithy and poorly textured is, well, spit-out-worthy.

I am especially fond of crisps, crumbles and pies...all made with summer fresh fruit, of course.

Large pans of such are wonderful for a crowd or family dessert, but I like to have the crumbly topping on hand for individual portions whenever I get a hankering...for dessert or yes, breakfast...or when someone happens to surprise me with a succulent basket of height-of-the season peaches.

Consequently, I keep large batches of the crispy, crunchy, yummy topping in my freezer all summer long for large, OR individual  hankerings. 

I use the topping recipe from SKINNYTASTE'S Peach Blueberry Crisp:  

For the Topping:

SKINNY TASTE being my go-to resource for healthy summer eating these days. In my mind, the filling requires nothing more than a bit of water and honey to make it delicious enough to stand up to the crumbly topping.

Package up some of this crispy deliciousness, add some fresh fruit, and you have a wonderful hostess gift or picnic contribution.  ANY reason is a good excuse to rumble some crumble.  :)

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