Making Garden Fresh Herbal Compound Butters

Butter + fresh herbs + garlic (sometimes)  =  a little bit of late summer heaven

There aren't too many ways to improve on garden fresh produce...the grilled corn, green beans and new potatoes, sautéed squash and oven fried okra of summer......and, oh yes, cornbread...or roast chicken.

Unless, of course, you put butter on it. Preferably butter laden with chopped herbs, freshly cut...mushed into that creamy butter...

maybe with a little minced garlic, zest of lime or lemon....a hint of cumin perhaps...let your taste buds and imagination be your guide.

How about:

cilintro + garlic + lime zest + roasted chili

rosemary + garlic + cracked pepper

chives + minced onion + garlic  

thyme + garlic + lemon zest + cracked pepper

Indulgent little rounds of silken, creamy yumminess.  The how to is in the video above. 

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