Compose a Tabletop Meadow

Aren't these images from terrain (here) absolutely wonderful? I have been carrying these late summer visions  in my head for over a all of their inspirational, idea-tickling glory. If you are not familiar with their on-line shop and blog, you simply must acquaint yourself. Their products will leave you longing,...their aesthetic in design, both graphic and floral, will make you swoon.

Anyhoo, after my wreath-making frenzy cooled just a bit from Tuesday's segment...(by the way, if you missed the segment we did on the subject on 4 YOUR GARDEN a couple of days ago, you can watch it here:)

my  attention shifted to my terrain inspired project...

I began to see a theme...synthesizing terrain's beautiful images, the booming popularity (and my intense obsession these days) with the farm to table movement, and, of course, what was seasonally evolving in my own garden. Perfect fodder for a

 TABLETOP MEADOW arrangement.

Consequently this evening, I began to prepare, forage,and  immerse myself in this project for tomorrow's 4 YOUR GARDEN segment .


Join us tomorrow for 4 YOUR GARDEN at 4:30   on NewsChannel 4 and see what kind of Tabletop Meadow LC and I can create.

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