3 Ways to Use Tawny Yellow & Brown Tones this Fall

I have a thing for blankets...specifically cuddly warm throws. Stacks of them...preferaby an eye-pleasing selection from which to choose my blankie du jour. And since I am channeling those tawny beige, gold and brown tones from my recent Brown Canyon hike (here)...

THESE plaid comfies (a pop of orange doesn't hurt)  caught my eye...and would look scrumptious piled together next to the fireplace...inside OR out...just waiting to be plucked for a warm snuggle. Most in my existing collection are wool and cotton; wonderful, yes...but wouldn't a cashmere addition be peachy?

I've got my eye on some of the buff colored cashmere throws from P A R A C H U T E Luxury Bedding (here).  What an indulgent addition it would be to my pile. (When helping to style a clients outdoor living space, especially if they have a pool, I suggest they switch out their mounds of beach towels with a collection of multiple throws). 

Yellow or yellow-gold are not colors I typically gravitate towards in my wardrobe.  But the hues looked so appealing in nature, I thought maybe I should reexamine their possibilities in my attire.

A quick spin around Pinterest and the web proved that the combo works (yellow + khaki = a great ensemble). 

Consequently, I'll be mining my closet for golden yellow tones to marry with beige-y neutrals and rich deep browns...pairings that prior to my hike I really hadn't considered much.

I spotted a fabulous large stand of Moonbeam Yarrow in Salida...a plant I no longer grow because of its space requirements.  I do recall
seeing it in a dried state at Whole Foods though and think I'll pick some up...

to mix with the remaining fresh rudbeckia

 and arching sprays of oat grass in my
own garden...

to fill the pitcher on my kitchen table or
perhaps adorn a late summer, early fall wreath.

Three ways I'm bringing home a bit of Rocky Mountain inspiration.
What would you do with these classic colors?