Succulent Strawberry Pots

In other garden seasons, other garden years, my strawberry pots have been busy...housing mostly herbs, and yes, on occasion, strawberries.  But this spring my two pots went unplanted, relegated to my cache of sad and lonely, unplanted terra-cotta.

Happily, while trimming back leggy succulents from my collection and from that of a friend's, I spied my sad empty strawberry pots and decided the trimmings would be perfect candidates to put them back into commission and cheer them up. Not a unique idea, as numerous wonderful renditions of such are posted all over Pinterest.

The how-to of this is mindlessly easy; I demonstrated the process on last Friday's episode of 4 YOUR GARDEN on NewsChannel 4. (If you can't open the video below, go here.

In anticipation of writing this post, I headed to the garden yesterday to take pics of the succulents in their tidy strawberry apartments, and while the smaller of the two was cooperatively positioned without a hitch into its photo ready spot...

the second of the two, and the larger, more elaborate pot, was not to be similarly manhandled, so unhappy was she in the absence of my attention and affection earlier in the season. In a defiant act of violent self-destruction...


as she decided at that moment to retaliate by decapitating herself as I carried her (unwisely, by the lip rather than from the bottom) to her new spot...thus crashing to the ground and creating a huge mess...and scaring the you know what out of me and my son's puppy Goose in the process.  


Don't let my mishap, however, dissuade you from attempting this easy late summer project. Just remember to be quite careful in the process.  :)

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