June 19, 2015

Garden Must-Haves on 4 YOUR GARDEN

As spring gives way to summer and cool mornings give way to steamy afternoons, our focus in the garden begins to shift...from early season garden planning, preparing and planting...to weeding, watering and hopefully, harvesting. Today on 4 YOUR GARDEN, LC  and I will be talking about new (and old and reliable) products and tools to help us in our summer gardens.

I have long been a fan of WORX TOOLS and have sung their praises before. My first acquisition was their edger trimmer.  Love that thing and would also love to have their newer version that replaces the old cadmium batter with the more efficient, lighter and longer lasting lithium...which my Worx blower DOES have. Love it too, and have talked countless others into getting one. Truly, a tool that can change a life. 

Now on my want list is their battery operated mower and edger/trimmer. 

I have enjoyed an exceptionally long season for cutting greens and lettuces because of the relatively cooler temps. Now, however, it's time to convert the lettuce quadrant in the potager into an herb quadrant...a mosaic of various heat-loving basils.
I was sent two All-American Selection winners to try:  DOLCE FRESCA a shorter, bushier variety and Basil PERSIAN with its promise of silvery lush green foliage.

Last year the PW folks sent me two new hydrangea varieties to test...and I am happy to do so. A plethora of new hydrangea introductions...tougher, later-blooming, more heat and drought tolerant...have come out recently and I feel certain they will live up to their hype.  I am still waiting for this year's bloom.

Soon to join my hydrangea collection?  INVINCIBELLE SPIRIT II, another PW offering; ...promising mammoth pink blooms on a rugged garden performer...the first pink Annabelle type smooth hydrangea. In addition, one dollar is donated to Breast Cancer Research with each plant purchase.

Multiple reasons to give it a go...find out more about it in this video HERE.

These are just some of the products and plants we'll be looking into on 4 YOUR GARDEN this afternoon. Join us, won't you?

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  1. I am enjoying your posts. I want to ask you a question pertinent to a previous post of yours: I am wanting to order tulips for next spring and the ones I like are mid-late or late blooming. I may be out of town starting from mid April for about 10 days. If the weather is fairly normal, will the tulips be blooming while I am gone? I want to be able to enjoy them. Or, order early blooming ones that I like less. Please advise. Thanks!


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