Charming Bamboo Garden Cloches

 It takes more than a well curated plant collection to make a fetching garden... and give it its own distinctive personality; you know, pleasing details and special touches that make it distinctly one's own. 

Challenges and frustrations unique to a garden likewise contribute to its character and temperament. In my garden, vexation comes in the form of marauding squirrels and insidious fungal problems. In the Everest garden, it is hungry, nibbling rabbits that taunt the gardener...consuming buds just on the cusp of bloom and munching stems into leafless nubs.

To the rescue, however, comes the savvy gardener with an effective and delightful solution (and one of the most remarked on features of the Everest Garden.) 

Ever so charming bamboo woven garden cloches 

from the UK's Gifts and

 Various individual sizes for tasty flowers and veggies,


as well as tunnel forms for rows of succulent seedlings.

Woven just tightly enough to stop chewing rabbits, but not so tightly as to block out sun, light and air.

Their natural hue complements natural garden elements: stone and brick, delicate flora and fauna, branch and twig and moist earth.


A more than attractive solution to a pesky garden visitor looking for breakfast.

And yet another item(s) on my garden wish list. 

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