Doublefile Viburnum

                                  Tulsa garden touristas:  Gary, me, Jeanne and John-Boy

It is sad, but true, that so many of us avid gardeners (well, at least moi) don't make or find the time to visit other gardens in we (moi) are often crazy busy in our own gardens, or the gardens of our friends and clients. If the weather is perfectly beautiful for garden touring, it is also perfectly beautiful to be working/savoring/admiring our own little green domains. We (I) are often loathe to give up our own too few moments of intimate domestic gardening in the fleeting spring...

Source: The United States National Arboretum

DOUBLEFILE VIBURNUM (find out more about this stunner here)
Viburnum plicatum Thunb. f. tomentosum  'Shasta'

to take the time to visit other beautiful blooming spaces and places...and expose ourselves to fresh ideas and techniques, compositions and combinations and novel uses of plants, hardscaping and outdoor living.

But enticed by the prospect of garden viewing and laughter with three great garden buds, (and the promise of Mimosas at lunch ; Mimosas apparently being the official beverage of The Garden Tour Season 2015...), I joined my buddies on a recent weekend outing to Tulsa for a garden tour. 

Without question my favorite take-away idea was this stunning Doublefile Viburnum growing through an expanse of wrought iron fence. My pictures in no way do it justice (these were drive-by pics, after all)...hardly capturing the grace and charm and purity of the shrub and its unique posturing.

I am absolutely smitten with all variety of viburnum of late, and this lace-cap flowering beauty of a viburnum is no exception. Increasingly I find that I am hoarding and collecting images and ideas for a future garden. Either a re-invention or rehabilitation of my existing one, or, more probably, an entirely new garden in a new location in a new, as yet unknown, future life.

And when, if ever that happens, you can rest assured that this lovely composition...

will find an interpretation, and a home,  in my garden.

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