Tulip Time 2015

I have been dealing with Mac software issues for over a week now....hopefully all to be resolved tomorrow. Forgive my absence! Until I am up and running again with new content, please enjoy this repost of tulip time 2015. If this doesn't convince you to order and plant some of these lovelies this fall, I don't know what will.  All tulips below were ordered from COLORBLENDS.COM

..and without actually sitting down in front of the computer and writing...a POTAGER blog post doesn't get in the blogosphere for you to read. Blogging consistency (no duh) not being a strong suit of mine. Nine times out of ten, when the weather is fine and the outdoors glorious...

...the high touch of my gardening will win over the high tech of my gardening every time. So let's play catch up. The tulips are gone now....the 2015 tulip season now relegated to memory and digital images...thought you would enjoy a few, along with...

some tweaks and touches and changes I plan to make next year to gently shift the show in a direction that nears the ever elusive perfect vignette I see in my head during tulip time. If you were among

the many-many-many who drove by to see the show unfold or passed by due to the timely detour down 40th street because of the work on Western Avenue,

then you quite probably saw me wandering through the maze of color, savoring the moment, analyzing the composition, looking for signs of emerging horticultural delights,

and, yes, thinking about those subtle tweaks I want to make for next year.  But first, some changes made for 2015.  I had shaken it up quite a bit from last season...tearing out more lawn and extending the curvy bed down the west side.  

In select areas I added some pots of topiary...I liked the structure and verticality they gave to the tableau... though when they sometimes refused to stand straight or were prey to those shiftless squirrels it flared my OC tendencies big time.

I added some more texture with more spring blooming, non-tulip attractions...dianthus, an un-named yellow-blooming perennial gift from a friend...

more violas, golden feverfew, and fern and coral bells.

A heady place to enjoy spring, sit and visit, live in the ever so brief moment.

700 tulips in all this year. The entire floral symphony putting on its peak performance for our early Easter and a GARDEN GATE magazine shoot the next day.

I especially enjoyed the borrowed landscape of my neighbors whose tulips bloomed in tandem, making the long view even more beautiful and a drive down my street incredibly pleasant.

Oh, a couple more additions that sent it over the top.  Don't you agree?

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