Window Box Planting and Being Gracious

I remember those days when my well as my name...was Johnny and Jamie Vater's Mom. Particularly in the elementary school years, one didn't have a name, as much as a moniker of parental association. Of course, I didn't mind...proud to be known as such. 

Last week,  I was out in the front garden piddling and puttering. A lovely woman stopped and we chatted a moment. "Would you mind if I got out and    took a look?" she asked. As I was not knee
deep in garden reverie nor mud, I said of course and so she did. She told me that 

she had recognized my front yard before she recognized me, yet another identity separate from myself...and a recognition that has recently happened more than once. With a detour down my street as a result of construction on Western Avenue, I have had far more passers-by than normal; this woman had not previously been down my block to identify it as mine. While strolling through the garden, she told me that she watches me and LC on 4 YOUR GARDEN on Fridays, that she reads my blog and admires my horticultural handiwork. 

She kindly thanked me for being gracious and what she felt I had done to promote gardening in Oklahoma City. I was, of course, extremely flattered and pleased, and invited her back sometime. We affectionately parted, new friends via a gardening tether. 

When not in a rush to complete a task, or in the zone, oblivious to what is happening around me; or, of course, in my pajamas..... I do try to be welcoming, and yes, gracious. Such garden graciousness has often been extended to me in the past, by lovely gardeners the world over who were anxious to share their gardens, and exchange a word or two. I try to pay it forward.

My back window box which has been rather neglected of late...I resolve to give it more attention this season.

As generous as MOST gardeners are, such graciousness is not always the case. Garden flattery and admiration, much less questions, are sometimes met with annoyance and an I couldn't be botheredrather superior, attitude. This too, I have experienced on a few have you, no doubt. Consequently,  I do try, (and greatly enjoy doing so) to share my garden and exchange garden wisdom with those who stop by. I do try to be gracious and welcoming. 

And truly, what is more gracious and welcoming than a brimming window box? Please join me and Linda Cavanaugh today at 4:30 to talk about planting free-standing window boxes with spring blossoms and foliage... a gracious gesture from your home to those who pass by.

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