January 26, 2015

Stylish and Protective Gardening Attire

Truth be told, serious gardeners (and I am no exception) are often  found futzing and putzing about in the landscape in muddied pajamas...coffee cup in one hand, weedy debris in the other.  But at a certain point in the early spring season...

there are WAY too many unexpected visitors (in both the front AND the back garden ( a usually relatively safe spot to be found in less than respectable attire...)

to warrant the actual donning of day clothes with perhaps even a little attention to one's appearance...AND attention to providing protection from Oklahoma's strong spring and summer sun...all the while upping one's game in terms of stylish gardening attire...Garden Couture, as it were. 

Last Friday I did a spot on FOUR YOUR GARDEN about fashionable garden clothing and accessories to do just that...look good AND provide protection at the same time. COOLIBAR is a great place to buy good looking, sensible clothes that provide 50+ SPF and block out 98% UVA?UVB.  Shirts, pants, accessories, you name it, for men, women, children and babies.

Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing

Garden tough doesn't have to be garden ugly.  Case in point these darling Dirty Laundry Buffalo Plaid Boots,  on sale now at DSW for $29.99.  (Look for similar styles in fun floral prints as well.)

While engaging in some apres-gardening in these boots, the first two garden gals I ran into asked where they could order some for themselves.  Cute, tough, rugged, Doc Martin-like chic...and comfortable. Hurry, hurry, hurry, they're going fast.  :)



  1. Are we sisters separated at birth? Often, you will find me extracting weeds from the garden all the while dressed in my PJs. Luckily I live in a little clearing in the piney woods of east Texas and no one can see me except the wildlife. I do think I can hear the squirrels snickering.

    Anxiously awaiting photos of you bulbs blooming this spring. Our Daffs are up and the Quince is blooming.

  2. Wow! You already have daft and quince? Come by to see the tulips when they're at their peak!


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