January 27, 2015

Mulching in January

Underneath this goofy, happy smile... on a record setting 77 degree high temp on January 26,

resides a low level of anxiety about such warm temperatures in what should be one of our coldest months.

But low grade concern is not ABOUT to dissuade me from getting out on such a glorious, inordinately warm winter afternoon. About this time of year, the barren brown ugliness of the gardens....with all its dusty, leafy debris.....begins to play on my nerves and my spirits. I itch to remove the unsightly beigeness of it all, but am reticent to do so...

as I know better.  I know that it is serving its purpose...protecting and insulating and holding in moisture. All the comforts that plants AND humans need in winter. But it is gloriously warm, after all,  and sure as shootin',  I will scratch that itch to tidy up the landscape.  Not, however, without replacing that leafy mulch without another, better looking, blanket of warmth.

Most, if not all, of the leaves have fallen from my oaks and maple trees in the front, as well as the leaves from nearby neighboring trees and deciduous shrubs.  After all, I don't want repeat this rather laborious process again. Other spring chores will demand my time and attention.

But just try to keep me out of the garden on a day like this in January! Husband is not one to work in the garden much, but he is generally happy to be Chief Procurement Officer, and as such, made a trip to Lowe's for my favorite mulch of the moment, their fine pine Landscaper's Mix Soil Conditioner.

It is dark and rich and a perfect medium for my front garden self-seeders... like violas, chamomile and golden feverfew... to germinate in and get off to a good start.  All the activity in pursuit of

a happy landscape

and a very happy, melatonin infused, gardener. 


  1. All looks/sounds grand for late January. Lucky, lucky, lucky 'happy' you ... snow on the ground, party sunny 23º here.

  2. I AM enjoying it Joey, but am not quite ready for spring yet! Have lots of indoor projects to complete. Your Hubbard Lake pics have been gorgeous!

  3. I'm enjoying our great Oklahoma weather! I so need to get out and mulch too before this weekend! Thanks for the tip on the type of mulch you use...I use cocoa hulls but they are so pricey I only use by the entryways and then I use Scott's dark brown mulch everywhere else (which stains my hands if I don't wear gloves). Have fun in your beautiful garden!
    Miss Bloomers

  4. Sonia, it is HAPPI GROW Landscapers mix. The Lowe's on 39 and May was out of it. We found it in Yukon, but I believe they have it in Edmond as well. I use a ton of it. Amazing weather yes! A little scary too............

  5. Love your goofy, happy smile AND your mulch recommendation :-)

  6. Happi Gro Landscaper's Mix Janice. You will love it!!


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