January 5, 2015

John Scheeper's Seed Catalog

It is the best of times; it is the worst of times. It is cold, gloomy and frigid outside...post holiday yuckiness. Precious few outlets for the obsessed gardener... save tending to anemic houseplants, drooling over garden book porn, composting the dried out Christmas tree carcass, and waiting...waiting...

for that first seed catalog to arrive, with all its flawless imagery and promises of a beautiful, bountiful garden...that PERFECT garden we envision in the dead of winter.

And arrive it did. John Scheepers Seed Catalog was the first of its kind in 2015 to win the catalog mailbox relay. And with it I give you this charming little anecdote via L'il Sis...

(In looking through one of my garden books, I came across these little keepsakes from my boys...note the angel on the Christmas tree.)

An artist friend of hers was likewise reveling in her first seed catalog of 2015, greedily, but mindfully, making her selections. After an extended interruption, she thought she had misplaced it...and went about hunting for it...

eventually finding it on a tiny chair in her five-year-old daughter's bedroom...

with her young daughter's spring selections 

ever so carefully circled. 

(Could a gardening mother ever love a daughter more... than at that very moment?)



  1. It was the first one to arrive for me, too! My husband (not known for looking through seed catalogs!) happened to pick it up the other day and was amazed at how good the writing is! He says it really does make you want to buy/try one of everything. Wonders never cease, right? Anyway, we are in for the big freeze tonight, so I will open the catalog and dream….

  2. Meant to say: I love your new blog design! Very easy to read and navigate; nice and clean! Good way to start the year.


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