Haven Brand Manure Tea Bags

Back in the day (this past summer), I used to make my own compost and manure tea. I'd fill empty burlap sacks in which basmati rice was sold (they had a convenient little handle for dipping...) with packaged store bought compost and/or cow manure that I would lug home from my local garden center.

A messy, unhandy...and though effective...rather unpleasant way to organically feed my soil and darlings in the potager.  But no more! Cuz in rides my friend Annie Haven from her California ranch with a save-the-day solution to my whole messy, unholy, garden-brewing business.

In a nutshell, she does all of the work for me...from raising the livestock to packing it up all convenient and pretty-like...

Just in time for holiday gift-giving

to all the gardeners, wanna-be gardeners, and sous-gardeners on my Christmas list. I just put in a large mail order to send to my gardening sibs...(with special instructions for my brother Dave who has been known to sneak a few sips of seasonal potpourri from the stove top;

then again...maybe I won't.)

In truth, my sibs are just the handlers for this gift. It's really a gift for the garden itself, for the earth in which we grow and harvest our bounty. Or as Annie puts it

"It's all about the soil...and growing good, healthy soil."

You can choose from horse, cow or alfalfa; I personally go for the sample gift packs containing all three. I will be showcasing it tomorrow on 4 YOUR GARDEN at 4:30 with Linda Cavanaugh, along with some other gift and stocking stuffer suggestions for the gardeners on your list.

Find out more (and purchase) at Manure Tea.com

In case you are not familiar with this extraordinary brew, Annie describes it thusly:

 Haven Brand Manure Tea Bags

Many organic gardeners will quickly tell you compost tea is the best all-around liquid fertilizer you can use on your plants. Compost tea is generally made by collecting finished compost and placing it in a bucket filled with water. The compost and water is allowed to brew for several days in the sun. The liquid is then strained and used to water vegetables, flowers, or lawns.

So, you are probably wondering then….. what is manure tea?

What Is Manure Tea?

manure tea
Manure tea is very similar to compost tea, in fact, it is compost tea but uses composted livestock manure.
The manure is collected and composted in the sun over the course of several months.
The livestock are raised in pastures that contain native grasses, where the cattle are allowed to graze just as nature intended.
Manure teas are used as a soil conditioner in vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawns and compost piles. Watering plants with manure tea conditions the soil so plant roots can better absorb nutrients. It also provides valuable nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms that supports growing strong and healthy plants.
Manure tea can also be added directly to compost piles to accelerate decomposition.

Manure Tea Simplified

Brewing manure tea was once a messy (and stinky) task which consisted of collecting the manure, composting the manure, mixing it in containers, then straining the liquid to get the valuable tea.
Many people are turned away by the idea of storing and handling manures in order to get the precious tea.
This is where Authentic Haven Brand simplified brewing and using manure teas. The composted manure is packaged in an all-natural cotton tea bag that makes brewing the manure tea a breeze!
You never have to worry about storing or handling manure because it’s all contained in a convenient tea bag ready for use.  

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