Okay, I feel kind of silly...but so many of you asked... I thought I'd write a post about it. Here is the scoop.  

Yesterday I was looking over the new Pinterest Analytics tool...not intentionally on the hunt for any information; the prompt just popped up so I decided to click and look at the numbers. Anyhoo, the top most visited board of ALL my Pinterest boards was the one I've entitled HAIR SALON (Find it here on PINTEREST if you would like to follow.)  People are mightily interested in the ever elusive 

 (My hair always looks better in pics with my sweet Daddy.)

perfect hair cut it would seem; particularly every iteration of a layered bob...short, long, blonde, brunette...which is pretty much the only style I've posted on said board.

That coupled with what I am rather embarrassed to say was, I think... the second most frequently asked question on the recent garden tour:

"Who cuts your hair?"   (ANSWER: SUPERCUTS on North May... My hairdresser took this pic of it once....can't remember why...)  So....there you have it...the inside scoop on a hair style that is pretty low maintenance and practical for a dirty, sweaty gardener. (As you can see in another type of action shot below.)

The REAL intent of this post, however, is to acquaint you with a nifty new hair tool The Calista Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler I just discovered while drifting by QVC en route to Turner Classic Movies.

I won't bore you with details here, but suffice it to say it does absolutely everything they claimed 
and can be found pretty much everywhere. I bought mine with one of my never ending 20% off coupons from BED, BATH AND BEYOND for $79.00 sans coupon. I also saw them at an even lower price point at CVS in there As Seen on TV aisle. Frizzy ends, flat hair syndrome, processed hair.........this is for you.  Short hair gals like me -- go for the smaller size.  The larger barrel brush would be much better for longer hair.  Comes with a smoothing brush, clips and a carrying cases. Watch the video on their site for styling how to.

You won't regret putting it on your Christmas list, I Promise.

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