Making a case for Enthusiasm

"I want", I told her, "to dress up for Halloween and I need some ideas." 
And with lightening speed she messaged me two ideas, as well as a pic of her own sweet self all decked out and cuted-up for a costume party.

I knew she was the perfect friend to ask for help, not just for her creativity, style and eager to help attitude,

but because of her enthusiastic, up-for-anything, playful, exuberant, let's have some fun, smiling personality...

...or, rather,...her 'take a bite out of life', utterly 


outlook on the world. (And without a hint of saccharine sweetness, I might add.) Unlike moi, (who at her age was a cynical, too-cool-to-care, jaded, listless, Betty Davis kind of gal...and who is still often so inclined...)

this charismatic young thing energizes everyone around her.

Her genuine, unbridled enthusiasm is a gift...

of her time and passion and effort and desire to make the space she takes up on this planet...glow just a little that those around her brighten and smile and laugh in her reflection (sometimes, despite themselves.)

 Case in point:

 Inspired by her enthusiasm, I decided to wear my scarecrow couture to the KFOR studio for my Friday 4 YOUR GARDEN segment. Watch it here (tulip planting tips).

 My friends there, rather than rolling their eyes...appreciatively and sweetly, joined in on the unexpected fun. We took selfies, tweeted, twerped, laughed, smiled  and were actually playful 

for a bit. (Play, my friend Color Girl would say, is in far too short a supply in us adults.)

 We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, short-lived enjoyment, but smiling and playful, nevertheless. I was happy with their enthusiastic response; they were happily appreciative of my enthusiastic gesture.

 Driving home in dot, my little green Fiat, (and looking not unlike a clown stuffed in a tiny car...) I passed a number of other commuters, some on bikes; some in cars. I made a point to smile and make eye contact sharing my Halloween attire.

Most smiled back, expansive in their response to the seasonal gesture.
In response to their response, I felt happier.

In contrast to how I felt at the reaction of a surly cyclist who could not be bothered with such fluff. Surly, in contrast to sad. Another little boy I passed, also on a bike, looked so sad and unhappy, that even this well-intentioned scarecrow could not briefly lighten his burden. 

But then, maybe there is an enthusiastic...

ghoul, transformer, or spiderman out there...
 who can. 

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