Round Book Table

No matter where I large or how small the dwelling...there will always be one special constant in my home decor,

A round table, circular library if you will, of cherished garden books that rotate with the seasons, or my current interest, or a new horticultural obsession or fancy.

There are two or three requisites to its composition. Garden books of course...some for reference, some as botanical eye candy, some for sentimental reasons... 

but all readily accessible for the turn of a page, a quick browse,
a momentary pick me up.

 My second component is something crystal: a vase, carafe, catch the light coming through
the windows in the morning, or reflect the lamp or candle light at night. Not crucial, or even functional...just a sparkling touch to make me smile when I walk through the room or reach for a book's image or phrase.

And the third? A huge, inviting seasonal bouquet or plant of course. Sometimes fresh cut, sometimes planted, my small Christmas trees, a hybrid of the two.

 Autumn, of course, calls for dried and temporal, earthy and umber vase prunings...leaves and once, both fiery and fading. 

From the outside looking in, the table beckons...

with its promise of mental and physical comfort and sustenance.

Replicating a spot like this need not be expensive or difficult. My table...42" of cheap wood veneer (atop wobbly legs in dire need of stability) was bought at a firehouse garage sale for under ten dollars. Floor skimming round cloths and thick bevelled glass elevate the table's appearance to suit the room...

 rendering this modest table ensemble perfect for me 

and my home

 and my

indispensable books and flowers.

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