Pearly White Pumpkin Vase

I don't often say "I'm really excited to show you this..." but in this case, I will.
Because the result is so spectacular relative to the amount of labor and expense involved that you simply must try it.

I started out with a white pumpkin ($4.99 at SPROUTS, thank you very much.) that had a flat, somewhat concave top surface to work with.  (More on the pumpkin selection and its aesthetic in another post.)

 I assembled my materials: spray adhesive, moss, floral foam oasis (I am re-using some I already had), an empty cellophane container (any small plastic container, depending on the size of your arrangement would do), some floral tape (scotch tape would probably suffice), floral adhesive (you could also use a glue gun), and clippings and prunings from the garden.

Here goes:  1. Hydrate the floral foam after cutting it to form.

2. Place in plastic container. If necessary secure it to the container with floral tape. 

3. Use floral adhesive or glue gun to attach container to the top of the pumpkin.

4. Spray the edges of the container and a portion of the pumpkin's surface where the 'vase' is attached with spray adhesive. When the adhesive is tacky,
press loose moss into place. This obscures the mechanics of your arrangement and elevates the final look.

NOW THE FUN BEGINS! Simply 'layer' your cuttings into the oasis according to your tastes. I used privet berries, oak and maple leaves, garlic chive seed heads, arborvitae, bare branches, small and immature vegetables from my garden (more on this later), hibiscus and crepe myrtle pods, nandina leaves,

In other words, anything and everything that caught my interest in the garden was fair game. 

 My primary focus was on texture, color, shape, form and yes, a touch of whimsy.

Truly, this was one of the most pleasurable, satisfying, easy projects I have undertaken in a long time....speaking of the time investment in this project...

You can take as little or as much time to create a beautiful arrangement as you so choose.
A simple, quick take on this pumpkin vase would be equally as lovely as this more layered version I put together.

So DO give it a go if you are in need of a little creative play. For more tips go to here 4 YOUR GARDEN KFOR.COM,

or watch the video of our segment below. So easy, there is no excuse not to. Enjoy the process!

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