Ordering and Planting Tulips


I repeat

D O   N O T   P A N I C  !!!

...if you have not yet ordered your tulips for fall planting. There is still time, though your selection may be limited. COLORBLENDS here still has many blends available (their website will tell you what is still in inventory; look for the 'current inventory' section of the left sidebar.

If you prefer individual varieties, go to VAN ENGELEN or JOHN SCHEEPERS (here). If they are sold out of a particular color or variety, ask them to recommend alternatives that are in stock.

If you would like recommendations from moi as to what colors and varieties are my favorites and that perform well here in Oklahoma...

then tune in tomorrow at 4:30 and watch FOUR YOUR GARDEN on Newschannel 4. LC and I will talk non-stop tulips.

As for planting, we have plenty of time. Weather and ground temps have been way to warm for planting. Two solid weeks of sweater weather is a good rule of thumb. Right around Thanksgiving. A heck of a way to work off some of that turkey and stuffing.

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