Waiting For the Heat to Break

Change is hard...as if you needed to be told. TRANSFORMATION, changing from something undesirable into something 

desirable or improved, is even harder. So as ready as I am for the front...especially the grass...to look like this again, only better...I must remind myself, over and over again...change is hard, change is hard, change is hard.

And, no, to spin a phrase...you truly 

Can't hurry love...you just have to wait...love don't come easy, it's just a game of give and take.

And so it is and so it goes. In all facets of life and gardening, I am being reminded (on both fronts). Transformation can't be hurried, it can be brutal and ugly and painful sometimes...most of the time. It requires patience and perseverance and toughness and resilience...

and a little blind faith that finally given enough time and toil and tenacity...

 the skies will eventually open up

the heat and pressure will eventually break

and what was just vision will become

 A beautiful and yes, hopefully improved...


So, wait and wait I will to install the new turf and plant more beauty. My patience just one part of the compost needed to transform and feed my new garden space.

As promised, here are some of the plants that are part of the new area...most of them already growing in the overall design and attached to the new bedding space.  I want it to appear as if it has been there all along...mature and consistent and harmonious with the existing plantings. Most are of unnamed variety and have been divided and transplanted from elsewhere. Here goes:

~ Kewensis euonymous

~  Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

~  Purple Oxalis

~  Purple Basil

~  Gold Coleus

~ White and Pink Drift roses   
~ Various sedums as ground cover

~ Boxwood 'Green Mountain and 'Winter Gem'

~ Lorapetalum aka. Chinese Fringe Flower

~ Pink Fountain Guara

~ Barberry 'Admiration'

~ Red Pygmy Barberry

~ Golden Vicary Privet

~ Buddleia 'Flutterby Petite'

~ Black Pearl Ornamental Peppers

~ Abelia 'Sunny Anniversary'
(A PW new variety for 2015 I am testing)

 ~ Jewel of Desert Moon Stone Ice Plant

 ~ Purple Sweet Potato Vine

~  Nana Nandina

~  Common Monkey Grass

~ Ajuga

~ Golden Moneywort

~ Creeping Phlox 'Emerald Blue'

Coming up:

What tulips I'll be planting this fall.  Time to Order!

Design Tips and driving motivation and inspiration for the changed front landscape.

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