I know I promised you more details about the new front bed, and you shall have them. But I am not quite ready to leave the  p o t a g e r  and her peppers.

Along with the Jalapeño Pesto I made this week, I made another recipe of roasted richness from 

those peppery beauties that you may enjoy:



1 (or more, to taste) jalapeño pepper 

cooking spray (I used olive oil)

7 tsp unsalted butter

1 tsp grated lime zest (I used more)

2 tsp honey

1/4 tsp salt

Roast pepper on gas stove, grill, or under broiler until blackened and charred. Place in small paper bag and fold lightly to seal. Let stand for 5 minutes. Peel and discard skins; cut pepper in half lengthwise. Discard stem, seeds and membranes. Finely chop jalapeño. Combine pepper, butter, lime zest honey and salt in a small bowl (or use a food processor); stir well and shape into desired mold.

Incredibly delish on roasted corn, corn bread, tortillas, hot biscuits.

I have some to Color Girl yesterday as part of a housewarming gift...along with a basket of corn.

She just sent me evidence that it is truly a fine combination.

May just have to make some more  :)

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