Back Friendly Gardening

Quantum physics has nothing on the higher math it requires to calculate an answer to the question...

"Just how much time DO you spend in the garden?"

The calculus in this formula involves so many complex variables, so many quantifiers and metrics...(and additions and subtractions of...)

 + actual physical activity while sporting official garden attire, i.e. boots and        gloves and hat

-   morning and evening garden ROUNDS, coffee or wine in hand

 + any accidental weed-pulling or deadheading during said rounds

-  visiting with garden curious passers-by while watering

 + greater or lesser % of sum based on season, climate, precipitation, weather disasters... 

-  hours spent photographing and entertaining and musing and whining 

divided by the square root of energy, upcoming hort tours or imminent magazine shoots...

and last but not least...the state of my lower back after tearing a disc way back in 2000.

To avoid your own injury in this gardening equation, follow these BACK FRIENDLY GARDENING tips LC and I demonstrated yesterday on 4 YOUR GARDEN.

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