July 20, 2014

Southern Living Garden Shoot.....the Preamble

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is...

"Do you have help?"

And despite willing and well-intentioned friends who kindly offered to

help me get the gardens in shape for the SOUTHERN LIVING shoot this coming week...

the timing just didn't work out...

so, yes. Most of the time I do at least 90% of the...

  clipping and pruning and mulching and mowing and 

 and staging and styling and weeding and 

and designing and planting and placing and

deadheading and fertilizing and staking and

edging and blowing and digging and planting and 

transplanting and dividing and seeding and watering and

fussing and fretting and sweating...

and huffing and puffing and straining until

  (A) my back gives out or 

(B) the heat, humidity and bugs drive me in, or

(C) I throw up my hands in frustration because of said heat, humidity, bugs, and oh yes, SQUIRRELS (seen here gorging on one of my sunflowers today...)

or, as I told my friend Bubba tonight from SOUTHERN LIVING...

 who, eek! will be here tomorrow morning...

when it is as close to perfection as I, and my 90% (and beneficent rain and cool temps from last week)

 can make it. 

The rest, over the next few days of shooting, is up to Mother Nature.

 I hope you enjoy these images...it won't look this good again for quite a while.  

Oh, and I kind of like to take a few pictures too...


  1. Absolutely, positively SPECTACULAR !!!! :-)

  2. Your garden is so wonderfull, like on a dream. Thanks !!!!!!

  3. My Gosh it is stunning!

  4. Thank you Janice, Asht, Bonna! It is a wondrous thing what rain and cooler temperatures can wrought! And now for the heat and humidity!

  5. Gorgeous...so many wonderful plants in your landscape and to have a garden as beautiful as yours is no easy task! Can't wait to see your garden in Southern Living (my favorite magazine) ! Stay cool this weekend!
    Miss Bloomers


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