Mud Boots for the Potager's been a while since it looked like this...

rainy and cool and muddy and wet. But this week we were gifted with a LOT of heavenly rain,

and in celebration I bought myself some new garden boots from Target (and on sale no less.)

The beauty of these boots, whichever style you select, is that

there is more than enough room at the top to easily slip them on and off...

without any pulling at the heel...and the consequent muddy hands when you need to dash inside for a bit.

Your local Target will probably have a selection still on the shelves; if not,

you can find them online here, along with a stylish, hot pink version for kid gardeners. 

I have a wardrobe, if you will, of garden footwear for mucking about in wet conditions...some of them suffering from that powdery white film, aka 'bloom', that often forms on rubber boots.

A quick wipe of a clean cloth dipped in a teaspoon or two of olive oil will remedy that. The least I can do for footwear that protects me from mud and 

ankle-biting mosquitoes. :)

For tips of a more arid nature, join me today on 4 Your Garden on Newschannel 4 at 4:30...we'll be talking succulents.

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