I love container gardening in all its forms, but I adore topiary as a chic, sophisticated version of this planting in pots. And I'm not quite sure which

came first...manicured, clipped plants in the ground, or manicured clipped plants in pots...both inside

anywhere and everywhere... 

and outside

(Double ball Standard Myrtle, above)

also, anywhere and everywhere.

(Standard Blue Star Juniper, left)

I am an equal opportunity

and will use virtually ANY plant as my muse. Boxwood, of course, rosemary, arborvitae, euonymous, Rose of Sharon, coleus, eugenia, cypress, scented geranium...and on and on...

anything that can be easily clipped and shaped, and that heals quickly and bushes out from frequent clipping.

Shape can, of course be determined or guided by a metal frame...or not.

                                      (Wire Vine below)

(Boxwood and yew, left)
(Rose of Sharon and arborvitae, above)

I've had some specimens for years; some I started and nurtured myself...others bought ready-made for my pleasure and then cared for and clipped to be even more beautiful.

I've learned over the years, however, not to get TOO attached to any one topiary, however much loved or prized. Despite responsible, often fastidious, attention and care...

they are prone to sudden death syndrome...

from neglect, spider mite, too much or too little shade or water. In my own experience, usually by way of my going on a vacation or putting them in a special spot and then forgetting where I placed them...

Sometimes I underplant the larger ones. Most often, they are mulched with gravel, fine pine, or moist and succulent moss.

(wire vine and lady's mantle left)

Whatever the finishing touch, the finishing touch is very important to the
overall effect of style and simple elegance and sophistication. 

If you want to see how to take a:

* somewhat developed plant,
* chosen for its initial shape, size, form and height
* to achieve an envisioned desired end result 

then join me and Linda Cavanaugh today on Four Your Garden on NewsChannel 4 at 4:30, and

let's talk topiary.

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