The Garden Chair

I love this image. I took it while staying on the premises of a beautiful inn just outside of Charlottesville, VA while my son was a student at UVA. I loved its poetic, reflective quality...

in both placement overlooking the river...and its singular for only one person and his or her thoughts. I relinquished my camera long enough for Husband to take my picture...something that doesn't happen all that often...but later,

when I was inspired by the image to replicate the lone garden chair vignette,

I was glad I did. I, like you perhaps, seldom sit in my own garden. I huff and puff and weed and fluff...but seldom sit. 

I needed that concrete image...of me sitting in the lone remind myself that the very reason it was so beautiful and appealing to me (and thus the inspiration for my own garden space)

 was because of the admonition behind its location and careful placement.

"Sit down, dammit, and take just a moment out of your self-important
 busy-ness to reflect."

Which is why that little picture of me sitting in the chair is such a good thing...because I have nothing if not a sense of self important garden busy-ness. :) So in addition to being a handy perch for my cut flower bucket and

garden tools, it has encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective. Looking back at my home, rather than just out from my home and its kitchen window.

Seeing combinations of plants and garden hardscape and ornamental elements from a different vantage point. Backwards, if not upside down. How I might do

things differently, mix things up, or change them altogether...or rectify misjudgments, poor planning or bad garden and life karma.

A lot to ask of a garden chair and a cup of coffee in the morning.

But then, I've always been someone with high expectations.

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