Metal Florist Buckets

L'il Sis sometimes, shall we say 'counsels' me, that my posts are not accessible enough...for those who don't garden for a living, or don't have the time or luxury or resources or inclination to cut buckets and buckets of flowers for the sheer joy of it. But a little and easy dabble of an idea would be nice, thank you very much.

Point taken. The last thing I want is for you to be rolling your eyes thinking "Oh, sure..." as you read this blog, so here is a  P O T A G E R  Quick Tip for those of you out there that might be inclined to do so...roll your eyes, that is. 

Because I do live a gardening life after all, I keep lots of inexpensive traditional flower buckets on hand for when the cutting urge strikes. Not only to hold the blooms and stems I cut for myself, but also in lieu of the vanilla-looking glass vase when I want to gift flowers from my home. Because long stemmed hydrangeas, Japanese maple tree branches, sprays of feverfiew, bows of evergreens...whatever is the cut-du-jour du saison...

looks ever so much more fantastical and dramatic when presented in a classic, tall, handsome metal bucket. So consider this your  P O T A G E R  Quick Tip.

Keep on hand inexpensive (usually stackable for easy storage) metal florist buckets. I found a HUGE selection of styles and sizes  at SAVE ON CRAFTS (here).

I myself am ordering a new supply of their

French Flower Buckets 13.5" with handles, HERE

that just happen to be on sale for under $7.00 right now. Love the copper ones as well. Dare I say it would take very little in the way of garden prunings or grocery store bouquets for this to be a VERY welcome, statement-making gift. 

Cases in point: on Friday I transported a bucket full of blooms to the KFOR studio for my FOUR YOUR GARDEN segment. I didn't want to lug them back home again, so my friend G the Cameraman was happy to take them home with HIM for a certain lady friend...attribution not required.

This evening Husband and I are going down the street for a birthday dinner celebrating our good friend SKM's birthday (a very deft gardener in his own right, I might add...) and 

earlier today I brought him a huge birthday bouquet of long-stemmed
Annabelle hydrangeas in guess what? A turquoise florist bucket that echoes his Southwest vibe artwork (okay, that wasn't intentional...I just noticed it) perfectly.

Sometimes they are returned, though that is unnecessary. Sometimes returned... and a refill is requested (Sunshine has a get together on Thursday...could she get a refill...of course...)

So later this summer, when a hostess gift is required, why not grab some sunflowers from your grocer, florist, or the roadside (if not your own garden), put them in a tall florist bucket, (arranging hardly necessary), and gift away. 

I feel certain you will be a very welcome guest indeed.

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