Supertunia Bordeaux and a Purple Moment

I am having a purple moment in the garden. Purple, yellow and white moments 
to be exact.

Actually... numerous moments and vignettes.  

This purple/chartreuse/white combination is the thematic for three large dark bronze pots (that match the color of my arbor and fence) that grace the long flower border that runs just north of the potager.

For THIS moment...let us talk about two of the happy residents in these containers:

Supertunia Bordeaux (read more about them here)

a PROVEN WINNER super petunia that lives up to the terms of its beauty (which is what snagged moi)

and its performance ~~ heat loving, heavy blooming, easy care (i.e. no deadheading!) and relatively pest and disease resistant.

If attitude and beauty alone weren't enough to sell me on this cascading beauty...

this charming excerpt from the PW web page about Bordeaux would:

   ~~ "For you alone I will cover myself with a plethora of blooming flowers the color of a maiden's blushing cheek. I will vein them with the richness of dark, sweet wine. Your hands, your lovely hands, will never know the repetitiveness of deadheading. Neither the burning heat of summer nor swarms of nectar-crazed butterflies and hummingbirds can change what I feel for you. For myself, I ask nothing except food and water. It is only so that I may remain with you, still fresh, still cloaked in blooms until the first hard frost. Or if you make a home for me in zones 10 - 11, we can be together always. Now take me. I am yours." ~~

And take her I did. Romancing her by placing her plum perfection next to a perfectly companionable tri-color sage...with exactly the same hint of this delectable hue.

And so the magic begins...

My Daily Diptic: Supertunia 'Bordeaux'

Tomorrow: other plants lucky enough to share her company.

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