dahlia creme de cassis

So to my purple pot tableau, I am adding another purple posie...and necessary vertical element to the mix. I give you:

the exquisite dahlia CREME DE CASSIS (find them here). Her colors parody the tones of the supertunias exactly (or at least I hope they do)...

and, speaking from positive dahlia experience in 2013, they should be able to handleour intense sun, heat, and weather extremes in stride (okay, depending on just HOW extreme our summer gets...).

The foliage is already strong, dark green and vibrant... growing well, with thick tempting buds on sturdy stems. The chartreuse of lime mound spirea and variegated yellow and green cut-leaved sweet potato vine should enhance the plum hues beautifully. At least that is my vision. Can you see it too?