White Hyacinths and Phlox paniculata 'David'

Of course, my darlings, to every rule there is an exception. Despite my missive yesterday about not using hyacinths bedded out in the landscape, I must site an exception.

An exceptionally beautiful one. My friend LC, know for her penchant to use only white in her garden...

quite dramatically uses white hyacinths in her front beds. With her all green and white tableau...of white pansies, white variegated euonymous, 

white hellebores, white dianthus and white alyssum...with a touch of silver...

against a strong backdrop of dark green box and yew and fescue. A dramatic look; a dramatic effect. Especially in the evening...and at night...when the white shines through the darkness, and the perfume fills the night air.

If she had more sun, which sadly she does not, I would create the same frothy look with broad swaths of 'David' tall phlox.  A summer version of her pure green and white design. (Buy it here).  And dramatically taller, growing to a height of up to 38 inches. Mildew tolerant, subtle summery scent, a great cut flower. No denying it deserved being named 2002's perennial of the year by the Perennial Plant Association.

I will expect a call any time now.....as to how LC can get more sun...and a huge swath of white tall phlox.

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